Retail Consulting


The coronavirus epidemic fundamentally changes our culture and social habits. As a result of the crisis, the standards and values ​​ determining the functioning of our society and the social behavior are changing .
After several weeks of lockdown, how will our shopping habits change, what will be the new methods, habits, and especially reflexes in our lives and work?

Are you ready to restart, reorganize and reinvent your retail business, to adapt it to new social norms, expectations and habits?
Let’s create together the retail of the future !

reinvent your retail business model?
expansion of your retail business ?
start a new retail business?
open new stores?
enter a new market?
looking for a franchise partner?

How can I help you ?

My retail consulting services:

  • reinvent your retail business, adaptation for the ‘after-crisis’ life
  • preparing retail market research and market analysis
  • networking: looking for business partners
  • preparing business plans and store-opening investment plans
  • selecting appropriate stores, contract negotiations, mediation between landlord and tenant
  • collaboration with franchise partners
  • business planning, design and fit-out works coordination
  • store openings
  • new market trends
  • retail entertainment services, ideas

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