Individual coaching

Everyone carry within themselves the most effective responses
to the issues they face and to the questions they ask themselves

The coaching studies call it a “waouh-experience,” but me I call it “A CLICK” when new window opens and reveals hidden knowledges, talents, and answers. Since coaching is about finding the appropriate answers to the questions you have, you will be able to change and develop yourself according to your own values.

I do not provide ready answers, but act as a catalyst in this solution-finding process. I know asking the right questions. I know watching you. I know listening you. I know how to see a problem in a global way. I am present and holding a mirror: I help you to make sure you are really doing what you want.


Trainings, workshops, consultings can provide you a variety of knowledges, methods, techniques, skills, abilities that you can apply in your day-to-day activities to solve problems. But you can not find everything in the books, and you can not get answers to all the problems that you meet.

During the coaching, you will find the most effective and appropriate responses in individual and unique situations. As a business coach I help you find your way in
decision-making processes;
developing effective communication;
your cooperation with employees;
team building;
time management;
stress management;
change management;
work-life balance.


The intercultural coaching is a more creative approach to the traditional coaching, with a deeper impact on the result of the coaching process.

As an intercultural coach I also help in unique situations where the difficulties are coming from the multicultural environment:

  • would like to understand and adapt to the changed cultural and social habits
  • work in a team with a diverse cultural background
  • work in another country
  • work in an international team
  • work for a Hungarian subsidiary of a foreign company

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The goal of the coaching is to reach a profound and lasting change.

I will help you find the most effective and appropriate answers to your questions. The answers that help you overcome your inner resistance, to achieve your goals, understand the change around you, or bring you closer to the change you need to become more successful in your professional and private life.

Let’s find together the most effective answers to your questions!
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