About me


business coach, retail consultant

My promises

Coach, experienced manager and retail professional, I provide a complex support and attention to be able to create a climate of trust in order to improve the quality of human relationships, the work-efficiency, and self-confidence. Based on my experiences, I’m convinced that the trust is the key of the good results and the succes

My professional background in two sentences

My multicultural senior management experience is based on French company culture and Central and Eastern Europe regional cooperations. I’ve built, led and developed the Hungarian subsidiary of a French retail company, created and operated the retail brand-store chain and launched the e-commerce activity.

The coaching and me

Many years ago I’ve participated a management workshop in Paris. Our trainer was the founder of the HEC Executive Education Intercultural Coaching School. The second day he turned to me, “let’s work together, be a coach!” In order to help me to get to know and understand the basics of the coaching, he invited me to another training about the coaching-oriented management. Although at this time I was thinking about a new career path, I was uncertain about the professional change I wanted. I felt honored and enthusiastic that a French intercultural coach discovered my potential to become coach, but I hesitated and did not immediately apply for this training. Shortly afterwards, I met him accidentaly in a Parisian theater, where we were seated next to each other. This accidental meeting was an important moment for me: “I have to try the coaching. It can be my future.”  After this moment I did not hesitate anymore, I applied for the training, and another trip to Paris was not just the end of my uncertainty, but also the start of a new long journey.

Finally, I became certified coach also in Hungary and in France. In Budapest I attended a knowledge management coaching school, and one year later I returned to Paris to the HEC Executive Education Business School. There I became an intercultural executive coach thanks to an emotional intelligence oriented coaching course.

As a certified coach: a coaching style manager

After my certifications I continued my manager job at the same company. But from this moment my attitude became completely different. I have successfully used the coaching approach to boost the results of a customer-oriented organization, to retain and develop my team. I led a staff of nearly 200 people from different professional backgrounds, I developed special trainings and personal development projects. I organized international team-building events and prepared very succesfull employee engagement programs.

As a retail professional

I learnt the retail profession in a special sector – beauty care, cosmetics – that places a special emphasis on personal advices, empathic personal contacts between shop assitants and customers. I have opened dozens of stores during my retail career. In addition to my management tasks, I have been also responsible for the business development (expansion: building and developing a retail store chain – business plan preparations, shop openings, contract negotiations, fit-out works), preparing business development strategies and optimizing business processes.

My education :

  • Executive coaching, HEC Paris
  • Business coaching – consulting, Budapest
  • Modern Business Studies, Budapest
  • Teacher qualification
  • Literature and Theater Studies, Budapest
  • French Culture Studies, Paris

Language knowledge:

Fluent Hungarian, French and English

What about my free time?

I love traveling, exploring new cultures, cities and landscapes. Faithful to my original studies I’m passionated by the theater, films and litterature in Hungary and all over the world.