Retail Coaching



Retail coaching = Journey to the end of your retail business

Retail coaching is a change of paradigm. The retail coach provides a complex service for retail and commercial companies. It is to increase the emotional intelligence of the employees in order to improve the results of a retail organization. A cultural change in a climate of trust, where every member of the retail organization understands the global challenges of the organization, assumes responsibilities, but not just for the organization’s results, but for their own personal development.


  • Sales consultant, shop assistant – in direct, daily contact with customers
  • Shop owner, franchise partner – hoping to reach even better results with less investment
  • Area Manager / Regional Manager – constantly visiting stores, mediating between store teams and the central management
  • Retail executive – making important decisions about the store and store chain operations
  • HR Manager – wishing to reduce turnover, recruiting the right professionals, increasing employee engagement and providing effective training programs for the employees
  • Businessman planning to start a new business – who has decided to build a new business, open a shop, or plan to build a store chain


  • It is a quite rare childhood vocation to become a shop assistant. Today the officially required commercial education can be obtained by a few weeks „fast-track” training. A retail coach helps transform the job – previously chosen by necessity – to a real profession, to be able to establish an emotional relationship with the customers, a relationship based on empathy.
  • The retail sector is particularly effected by the difficult current labor market situation. It is difficult to recruit new staff, or retain the existing. A retail coach helps to create a climate of trust where the primary motivation of the retail staff is not just to make money, but to become a responsible ambassador for the company, to be proud of beeing a part of the company.
  • A simple way to increase the result of a retail company is the expansion: opening of new stores. In this case, the newly opened stores may become the competitors of the others. Thus, the results of the previously existed stores must be also preserved. A retail coach helps your existing stores continue to operate with the same efficiently and further increase their profits.   


More motivated and committed employees

Passionated, committed, empowered store staff waiting for the customers

Improved customer experience

More satisfied customer => buying more, returns more often, delighted by the shopping experience

Spectacular results 

Increasing performance through committed employees

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